• Completion of all artistic, architectural and landscaping work.
  • Inauguration of SANCTUM IN NATURE.
  • Online and on-site project COMPLETION PARTY with special giveaways in drawings exclusively for the SANCTUM IN NATURE stakeholders, including the chance to win a special "Immortalized in Art" Philanthropist Investor NFT, valued at 25 Eth.
  • Presentation of first on-site community events schedule.
  • Sending of the 8th and final installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.
  • Announcement of the next level Unchain Gang project, with special opportunities to all the stakeholders who participated in SANCTUM IN NATURE.
  • Living the future for all stakeholders with the amazing feeling and recognition that together, we have created a wonderful landmark for the ages in one of the most important cultural areas of the world, having that story indelibly part of our life experience and chronicled forever in our own finely elaborated personal book. To further know that this site is the physical base for all the edifying activities the community will hold for stakeholders around the world, giving the opportunity to all to meet and interact and generally have an incredible time with many other forward-looking and adventurous people on a mission to change reality for the better.


  • Acquisition of space on the Metaverse to position a faithful copy of SANCTUM IN NATURE, allowing all NFT stakeholders to view and show their property, the activities of the community and to participate in events organized by Unchain Gang for the community.
  • Completion of the building works.
  • Initiation of the Philanthropists Investors’ personalized artwork on the stone facade.
  • Initiation of the landscaping work.
  • Sending of the 7th installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.


  • Completion of the hand carved 120 ton (finished sculpture weight) stone facade artwork.
  • Completion of all the structural work of the SANCTUM IN NATURE building.
  • Preparation for the installment of the stone facade artwork onto the building structure.
  • Sending of the 6th installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.


  • Presentation of the building map indicating each NFT stakeholder’s precise section of ownership in SANCTUM IN NATURE.
  • Holding of a special “Giveaway Party” for the mid-point of the project realization, based on travel prizes to visit the SANCTUM IN NATURE site in Tuscany, Italy, to personally witness the progress, to meet with the artists, artisans and management team in person and to enjoy this uniquely fun and awesomely beautiful place in the world.
  • Continuation of art and architectural work.
  • Increasing of the informational efforts, to reach also the traditional sectors involved in collecting, constructive activism, business, nature conservation and social unity.
  • Sending of the 5th installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.


  • Groundbreaking with subsequent foundation and installations work.
  • Acquisition of 150+ tons (raw material weight) of stone blocks for the facade sculpting work and acquisition of the majority of the required building materials.
  • Sending of the 4th installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.


  • Completion of the artists and artisans team of the scale models in clay of the artwork facade (with the exception of the Philanthropists Investors’ personalized artwork inclusion, finalized after the sale of all NFTs). These clay models are then transformed into plaster casts that serve to perfect the art and installation system work and mainly serve as a visual reference for the hand sculpting of the stone facade that starts thereafter.
  • Final definition of work schedules.
  • Further development of web site functions, and informational activities.
  • Sending of the 3rd installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.


  • Completion of all executive designs for the artwork facade, detailed architectural drawings and technical specifications.
  • Land survey works.
  • Expansion of public awareness of SANCTUM IN NATURE through informational activities in various online and offline media, through interactions on various levels with those in the spotlight of sectors of interest to the project and the community.
  • Sending of the 2nd installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.