We offer participatory ownership in extraordinary real-world projects through the Unchain non-fungible token (NFT).

We will soon invite the public to participate in this new venture that allows individuals to acquire NFTs representing ownership of projects realized by teams of uniquely qualified experts in various fields.

Our first project is for the realization of a one-of-a-kind colossal bronze sculpture to be situated in a nature setting of grand aesthetic and cultural importance.

The site is near the peak of the Altissimo mountain, along the Apuan Mountain chain in Tuscany. This section of mountain chain overlooks the beautifully suggestive Tuscan seafront along the part of the Mediterranean sea called the “Tirreno”.

In fact, this mountain is where the world renowned artist, Michelangelo, procured precious white marble to create a number of his timeless masterpieces. We dedicate the bronze colossal work of art to commemorating Michelangelo, as a symbol of the creativity, power and will of humanity.

The essence of this work of art is that of inspiring the greatest number of people possible to recognize our practically infinite potential and, more importantly, our boundless ability to create the reality that best serves our desires for freedom, beauty and the liberty to pursue our dreams , to live as we individually choose.

To do this efficaciously, we must unchain our minds from the outdated, inefficient and unjust paradigm of “divide and conquer” that is still at the basis of societal governance and conduct today, to embrace the principle of “unite to succeed” that is the foundation of the Unchain-Gang philosophy.


The name of the sculpture will be “Fearless”.This, because freedom from fear is in fact the key to unchaining our full potential and to recognizing our true role in the theater of life, that of protagonists of our own destiny and not bit players “owned” practically by some assumed authority usurping our power.

99% of the population of the world is in the same boat and are all potential allies in our quest to focus attention on how the development of technologies that are poised to control and restrict us ever more, can be used by us to forge true freedom instead. Step by seemingly small step, we can turn the tide to the benefit of all.

At the base of the colossal work of art, there will be the following inscription:

The motivation behind our projects is to provide a medium of exchange backed by assets created by the best talents in sectors of special artistic, inventive, cultural, architectonic and industrial importance.

This focus has the potential to uplift these vital and human-centric sectors, providing work to those who would otherwise be sidelined in our current ever more dystopian reality. This simultaneously offers the owners of the realized assets, divided between NFTs as proof of ownership, great potential for value growth of their holding by virtue of the qualities of the underlying asset and its unifying message.

For those not yet familiar with non fungible tokens, they are defined as such because each one is unique and can’t be replaced with something else. For example, a dollar is, instead, fungible - trade one for another and you’ll have exactly the same thing. A one-of-a-kind trading card, however, is non-fungible. If you traded it for a different card, you’d have something completely different. This is the principle of NFTs as well.The Unchain-Gang’s philosophy of use of NFTs is to meld digital and real world assets into one medium, with the aim of offering maximum benefit to the owner. In short, we use NFTs as proof of ownership, participatory or exclusive, of tangible assets outside of the digital realm.By using NFTs as proof of ownership of real world assets, the owner of the tangible property can easily quantify actual value, evaluate the potential for value growth based on the asset characteristics and its commercial validity and participants can use the flexibility of the digital instrument attesting ownership to easily buy or sell their stake.Our overarching aim is always that of inspiring humanity in its quest for freedom, justice and the right to follow its own destiny, uncoerced and free from the tyranny of those who rule.All our efforts and gains are directed at joining forces with the highest number possible of people to pursue a freedom that the people of the world have never really known to date.A fundamental concept necessary to achieve freedom is to have control over one’s money and to be able to voluntarily exchange the same with others for value they can offer.This is the starting point of one of our most important journeys.

Let’s Unite!

It is our firm conviction that by actively and intentionally taking part in changing the trajectory of our current state of affairs, which is evidently becoming more and more oppressive, we are still in time to not have to fight unjust and inefficient systems in place, systems that have long outlived their usefulness, but we can participate in creating new ways that render those old systems clearly obsolete to all.

Join us, and stay updated

    Lineup of candidates for future Unchain-Gang projects: