SANCTUM IN NATURE is a one-of-a-kind project whereby the NFT instrument is used to have every holder share in the ownership of the audacious, real-estate wonder of Architectural Art named after this project.

This, as well as share in numerous other spectacular Opportunities, Benefits and Rewards, all in the context of an Amazing Community aimed at promoting Nature at its best and encouraging edifying change.

The complete list of what every NFT holder gains is given below.

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Do what counts with the time and the opportunities you have.
The difference you make can contribute greatly to making life more exciting and purposeful for you and for all those touched by your efforts.

You’re one step away from peeking at the journey…


SANCTUM IN NATURE has a total supply of 30K NFTs. This, to make acquiring them and the amazing Opportunities, Benefits and Rewards that come with them, accessible to practically anyone.
Each single NFT confers the right to one vote on matters involving any extraordinary decisions relative to SANCTUM IN NATURE.
The network the NFTs are on is Ethereum.

Each original NFT holder is awarded a personalized Investor Book that grows in content along with the development of the project. With this, the NFT holder has an indelible chronicle of their important role in the realization of this one-of-a-kind project.

It’s History in the making and you are co-protagonist!

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Unchain Gang - Crypto Activism: OUR QUEST

Creating our own new narrative, based on personal sovereignty and creative freedom, is our overarching goal.

We are doing this together with other like-minded people who understand that the old model of centralized and often covert control imposed on us has limited every aspect of our existence for far too long and that it is time to change paradigm.

We do this also by cultivating and exalting nature settings in which we realize projects of truly inspirational content, just like SANCTUM IN NATURE.

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The Importance of Location

Versilia is undoubtedly the most beautiful coastal area of the Region of Tuscany, in Italy. The photo here shows part of the Apuan mountain range that forms the dramatic backdrop to this area, which has kilometers-long beaches of light, fine sand, vast and lush wooded areas, a strikingly beautiful mountain range, extensive and scenic marble quarries and some of the most attractive towns and hamlets of this part of Italy.

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The Artistic, Architectural and
Management Team of

The team dedicated to sculpting, crafting, building and managing everything in between for the SANCTUM IN NATURE project is part of a de facto consortium, that has been proudly and prodigiously active for over 25 years. A new entity has been formed from this organization specifically to manage this project, named “ADA – Art Design Architecture” and it is working in conjunction with an exceptionally talented group of artists of international acclaim and an equip of master artisans of unsurpassed capabilities. The aim is to create SANCTUM IN NATURE as a cross-disciplinary, seminal work of excellence.

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