The Idealism style was created by an ADA – “Art Design Architecture” associated artist, H.S. Ray, and developed with his close collaborating architect from Saint Petersburg. 

The concept behind Idealism is that of creating contemporary architecture that is designed to be complementary to art and occasionally that of re-interpreting actual works of art as buildings. 

After having satisfied the artistic, decorative and architectural needs of some of the world’s most demanding clients, Ray was compelled to propose new, forward-thinking architectural solutions. Unsatisfied with creating works for clients who continued to associate taste and beauty exclusively with the grandiose constructions of the more and less distant past, Ray set out to elaborate a niche style to explore and propose concepts to completely reset and renew client expectations.  

Ray and his architect partner in adventure immediately applied the style to commercial and residential building designs, inspired by the art of a number of prominent international artists. 

Suffice to say that the style encountered the favor of numerous connoisseurs and is now poised to make its mark in the niche luxury real-estate field.

SANCTUM In Nature was designed in the Idealism style, with an absolutely unique and monumental stone façade artwork and lines drawing from an eclectic combination of classic and contemporary architecture. The result will undoubtedly enthuse profoundly those interested in new and extraordinary aesthetics with harmonious geometrics.