Frequently Asked Questions

NFTs are “Non-Fungible Tokens” that are blockchain-managed digital assets owners can buy, own and trade.

The SANCTUM IN NATURE project is on the cutting edge of the next phase of NFT use: tokenizing the real-world. Furthermore, the tangible assets created by Unchain Gang, promoter of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project, are world-class works made by teams of uniquely talented individuals with decades of experience in satisfying the needs of some of the worlds most demanding clients.

Metamask is a crypto wallet that stores cryptos needed to purchase and mint the SANCTUM IN NATURE NFTs.

Once you have your wallet, all you have to do is click on the “Connect your wallet” button and confirm that you are on the Ethereum network.

Yes you can. Join our Discord group to learn how to get on the list.

Minting will be announced on our Discord group will have a presale before the official public launch, open to our Whitelist members. To learn how to join, visit our Discord group.

As soon as the world takes notice of what Unchain Gang and the SANCTUM IN NATURE project is all about and fully appreciates its great potential… :-)

By joining our Discord group in the “help” section or by writing us via “support” from our web site