Because we at Unchain Gang and SANCTUM IN NATURE, referred to hereinafter as “team leaders”, are convinced that our fate in life and in our projects as well,  should depend on the expression of our individual vision and its effect amongst our peers and, furthermore, that open, honest interaction amongst all is the correct and most direct route to just decisions and actions in any moment in time, our model of governance is simple. To start with, the concept of management of the team leaders given here is based on the precepts of the term “Decentralized, Autonomous Organization”. In this methodology of governance, any solutions required are decided internally by all the members of the organization only. By  organization, it is meant all stakeholders, otherwise known as current SANCTUM IN NATURE NFT/DEED owners. it is hereby emphasized that no individual or organization that has not taken on a specific responsibility can be held responsible for faults caused by actions of those who, instead, are responsible for conducting those activities where such a fault arose. To give an actual and practical example: online platforms, such as Opensea, that take on the responsibility of selling digital products like NFTs and to do so in a secure manner, are the sole entities liable for conducting their business on behalf of third parties and as such, are the entities  that must respond exclusively and directly to all those for whom they provide their service, in the event of a fault in the same. This inherently means that those who offer their digital products for sale through the said platforms and those purchasing such products, are not liable for any faults in the sales/purchase processes, as hypothesized above, not caused directly by them. Another example concerns the role of the team leaders of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project. In this case, they have taken on an exact obligation to utilize resources gathered amongst the stakeholders to create the material property promoted in the project and ARE, therefore, responsible towards all stakeholders for doing this. The stakeholder in general, on the other hand, only assumes the role of NFT holder once they make the purchase and does not assume any further responsibility  beyond payment. To give a general definition to the guiding principle behind the governance approach herein promulgated, It is correct to state that it is in line with “natural law”, where justice and correct behavior  are clearly understood in the context of inborn logic and reasoning, as commonly lived in our everyday lives.For this reason, in the event of any highly unlikely misunderstanding or controversy of any kind, the same will be resolved in an amicable manner. If ultimately that is not possible, arbitration via arbiters inclined to natural law, will be the method of choice for resolution. For those instances where the stakeholders may be called on to participate in deciding on any matter relative to SANCTUM IN NATURE, the basic principle for achieving consensus is “one deed, one vote”. Therefore, any stakeholder owning more than one deed will have a proportionate number of votes. Once the SANCTUM IN NATURE real-estate has been completed as per the general specifications provided on the Unchain Gang, SANCTUM IN NATURE web site and subsequent executive drawings and detailed specifications, the obligations of the  team leaders are to be considered completely fulfilled, with nothing further due to the stakeholders, with the exception of their property upkeep and management duties illustrated further on in this document. The SANCTUM In Nature project is organized so that the property deriving from this initiative is self-sustaining in its upkeep and management and therefore, does not require any intervention on the part of the stakeholders.The SANCTUM IN NATURE property will be under custodial management by the team leaders in perpetuity*, on behalf of all the stakeholders, under a form of trust arrangement. The team leaders have, therefore, the responsibility of up-keeping and managing the property, at no cost to the stakeholders. The team leaders, to offset the costs and responsibilities assumed, have the right to utilize SANCTUM IN NATURE to generate the funds needed to conduct their duties, but only in the manner contemplated in the project, that being for promoting activities for the advancement of affairs important to humanity and for nature conservation.SANCTUM IN NATURE project modification: In the event, for example,  an insufficient number of NFTs are sold to be able to realize the SANCTUM IN NATURE project as originally proposed, or should any other force majeure hindrance occur that may limit operativity, the project could be modified to reflect such situation.Vice-versa, average NFT sales values exceeding what is presently contemplated, or in the event of any other favorable change of factors tied to the realization of the project, the scope of the project could be expanded on, increasing the value of SANCTUM In Nature proportionately.In either of the above cases, any change of plans presented by the team leaders, would take place only after allowing all stakeholders to express their opinion and to vote. This,  to reach a consensus of the majority of those who elect to vote within the allotted time given to do so, generally defined as 60 days from first notifying the stakeholders via the various official media channels of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project.Property registration: the SANCTUM IN NATURE real-estate deriving from the implementation of this project will be registered according to the laws in force in the relative jurisdiction chosen, in such a manner that the stakeholders are kept free from any liabilities, costs and any other encumbrances tied to the existence, upkeep and management of the property. Those same stakeholders, for as long as they hold title to their relative NFTs, will maintain their fractional bare ownership of the property for the lifetime of the same.For the sake of improvement in processes and better efficiency over the course of the life of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project and the property itself, the stakeholders can come together in a majority, to decide to add to the governance model, modify it or to adopt an alternative model. An appropriate forum will be presented by the team leaders to permit the stakeholders to present their comments, suggestions, will and any complaint. The entirety of the stakeholders can decide to sell the SANCTUM IN NATURE property, in the event and at the time any such action is considered a clear  advantage, all considered, for the stakeholder community.