• Completion of all artistic, architectural and landscaping work.
  • Inauguration of SANCTUM IN NATURE.
  • Online and on-site project COMPLETION PARTY with special giveaways in drawings exclusively for the SANCTUM IN NATURE stakeholders, including the chance to win a special “Immortalized in Art” Philanthropist Investor NFT, valued at 25 Eth.
  • Presentation of first on-site community events schedule.
  • Sending of the 8th and final installment of Investor Book updates to all NFT stakeholders.
  • Announcement of the next level Unchain Gang project, with special opportunities to all the stakeholders who participated in SANCTUM IN NATURE.
  • Living the future for all stakeholders with the amazing feeling and recognition that together, we have created a wonderful landmark for the ages in one of the most important cultural areas of the world, having that story indelibly part of our life experience and chronicled forever in our own finely elaborated personal book. To further know that this site is the physical base for all the edifying activities the community will hold for stakeholders around the world, giving the opportunity to all to meet and interact and generally have an incredible time with many other forward-looking and adventurous people on a mission to change reality for the better.