Yes, you read that estimate correctly: a 500+ trillion dollar market made up of most of the physical and intellectual property of the world.

According to Charlie Shrem, considered by many crypto experts and other blockchain insiders as one of the top 100 most influential crypto players in the world, and a host of other top insiders, this is exactly the size the NFT market will become when NFT instruments will be widely used to tokenize everything that can be owned!

As this develops more and more, people will have access to fractionalized ownership of assets they could not even have dreamt of owning before this investment evolution. This doesn’t mean that everything will be easy and all you have to do is buy NFTs to secure your financial freedom and live life happily ever-after. What it does mean is that opportunities will abound to participate actively in transforming the world as each and every one of us sees best fit to do, through our direct investments in what we believe in. In fact, we strongly feel that this decentralization of financial markets is what will lead to a greater form of freedom and beauty in our reality, although there are powerful forces working against such developments.

With SANCTUM IN NATURE, we intend to not only offer such opportunities to the public to participate in advanced real-world projects based on NFTs, but to do so in a way that adds awesome art content to important landscapes of the world, while providing extraordinary earning utility to the NFT holders. SANCTUM IN NATURE has the aim of replicating projects with always different physical assets that will transform our perspectives in inspiring and greatly edifying ways, one project at a time.

Join us in this adventure on the cusp of a new era, where together we will be protagonists of our own narrative, thereby forming our own improved reality!


The Unchain Gang Team