“An NFT Project Forever” may sound quite presumptuous, if applied to one’s own project, but this title does not have that intention at all.

In fact, when our team focused on the scope of SANCTUM IN NATURE, we started from the concept of providing something as eternal as possible to our Community. The vast bulk of experience of our team is in creating one-of-a-kind works of art and architecture in stone, marble, together with works in the realm of many other artistic disciplines. We therefore concentrated on our specific expertise and on our niche architectural style, called “Idealism” to conceptualize and design a landmark art building for the ages, to build on the Tuscan coast of our hometown. This Art Building is to be fractionalized in ownership and shared equally with our Community via each and every NFT. In the same vein, each and every NFT would allow the holder to vote on any extraordinary decisions to be made relative to this property to-be and in all affairs where decisions are shared within the Community.

As a note, our team has worked directly or indirectly with some of the most demanding individuals around the world: Monarchs, Captains of Industry, Celebrities and VIPs in general and this, because of our talents, expertise and skills in managing awesome real-life art, artistic and architectural projects. These aspects are what we bring to our NFT project and our Community of enthusiasts. Besides all this, we have a strong philosophy based on creative and personal freedom and on the development of personal and collective potential and this is the foundation on which all else grows.

The story of the benefits, rewards and opportunities SANCTUM IN NATURE offers does not in the slightest finish here. We will illustrate each and every aspect over the coming days, but you can read all about it on our site even now.

When we set out to create the most awesome NFT project we could imagine, we thought hypothetically about how it would be looked upon a thousand years from now. By projecting ourselves through the eyes of a generation of people far into that future. We looked at SANCTUM IN NATURE, the art-building-cum-Community-Center and we thought that it would be all the more astounding and a true testimony to how audacious and badass the creators of this landmark building and their Community must have been!

That is the legacy we will create together and the purpose is not so much to be vainly admired, but to express together extraordinarily edifying creativity and unity in purpose to last practically forever.

Think about it, wonder in the possibilities and join us to make it for real!

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The Unchain Gang Team