We have been faced on numerous occasions with this affirmation: be coherent in your message, even when this repels certain people.

In most cases, we believe ardently in this outlook. But what happens when you have something important to say that you would like to get out to as many individuals as possible?

In these cases, we suspect that being flexible in approach, what many would consider “accepting compromise”, could be the best way to reach the most diverse public possible.

Although it is almost always a correct maxim to not try to be liked by everyone, there are cases, we strongly feel, whereby “coherence” must be softened a bit by being practical.

This is particularly true where it is very important to get the message out far and wide.

All this concerns, in this very moment, our NFT art. Our project, that we truly believe is an essential step towards conserving and evolving creative expression as a human process, has been created by hand and with the contemporary art enthusiast in mind. The vast majority of the public buying, selling and generally collecting in the NFT market today are, however, almost a totally different breed of enthusiast. Here lies the almost-dilemma: do we appeal to our ingrained preferences and philological viewpoint, or do we stretch our vision to include a more diverse approach that can be embraced by the widest public possible.

Is it actually a compromise if we use a different artistic “language” to get across a message important to those who may not see the ultimate beneficial objectives of the project otherwise?

Put in another way, we’re asking ourselves why can’t we add a good helping of Fun to our normally low-nonsense disposition? Probably many, many more people would understand the project better and we could gain from lightening up a bit at the same time.

We may delay our launch to take the time to get things in this context just right, so that we have the time to first settle this matter. This will allow us to serve the public and our project best by fully offering the authenticity, benefits and Fun foreseen in the SANCTUM IN NATURE project. This aim is something we all deserve.

We will soon ask you, the public, for your view on this by showing and comparing examples of the artistic expressions we refer to above.

We hope to find you eager to give us your invaluable opinion.

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