We are living in very interesting times and we are witnessing a digital-reality convergence right before our eyes!

Like practically anything in life, something can be potentially great while at the same time holding pitfalls as well and this is so true with the convergence we refer to.

However, let’s focus on the great side of things for the time being! As we all have seen, the rate at which developments in the digital realm are coming to light has continuously increased to what we consider currently a breakneck pace. With the unleashing of Ai in the form of the Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPT), we have entered into maybe one of the most important phases of societal change…a change that can make the word “disruption” take on new meaning and magnitude. In fact, we think we are witnessing what may very well be the start of mass human redundancy and although if this is true, as we surely believe, this process is only in its infancy. However, going from infancy to full-blown adulthood (the technology, metaphorically speaking) could be surprisingly quick.

It is our strong feeling that we have a window of opportunity to utilize this technology for the good of humanity, before things could get quite weird and suffocating for all. In fact, we believe that AI will ultimately be used not only as our new search engine and assistant, using these modest examples, but it will become the all-knowing brain of a control system that knows and monitors everything about everybody…and beyond.

It may become the one source almost everyone exclusively looks up to, as if it were some sort of new God, but without the soul.

Where does that put us here at SANCTUM IN NATURE on this convergence of technologies pivoting on AI? As always, we are pushing to find ways of using tech to benefit people individually and collectively, keeping humanity at the center of things and relegating tech to a supporting role only.

We can foresee though, that there are plans in action playing out very differently. It will be up to each and every one of us to avoid the dystopian pitfalls on our path and to choose to follow only the path that doesn’t take us on the road to permanent subservience.

People, nature, benevolence, sharing and edifying adventure – let’s focus on these aspects of our reality while living to our fullest in all that is good and just, keeping tech within those limits that don’t limit us!

Stay tuned…the ride is getting wild!

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The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Alex Knight – many thanks to him!