We are living in a matrix of make-believe in our reality and navigating that matrix, to discern truth from fakery, real from illusory, is of the utmost importance.

Humanity, being largely unorganised and quite often very short-sighted by nature, cannot imagine anyone or any group of individuals being capable of guiding society through a practically all-encompasing facade for reality that guides our every thought and, therefore, action. This is, however, how the world increasingly works and the informatics sector, with AI at the forefront, is spearheading the technocracy unfolding.

For every con, there is usually a pro as well. In fact, our venture into the world of NFTs had and has the aim of using the best of the digital realm to improve our freedom of action and the ability to determine our own destiny and this is a big part of the adventure of SANCTUM IN NATURE.

Without the possibility to own private property, for example, there is no freedom at all and our focus with SANCTUM IN NATURE is to fine-tune a system based on the NFT to share in some of the most exciting real-life landmark property in the world.

We have had individuals ask: what is the utility of owning assets in the real world? This doubt to us, is a real measure of how far we have drifted off course in living our lives in this physical world. We are doing what we do to promote getting back on course with as many people as possible and more freely holding assets that build tangible wealth is one of our important objectives.

Our project doesn’t stop there…experiencing the joy of working and playing together and sharing in the results is the greatest benefit of all.

We hope to have you with us soon too!

Take care and navigate the matrix well!

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The Unchain Gang Team