There’s a saying here in Tuscany: if you scrutinize all the clouds, you’ll never leave the shore.

We find this saying particularly pertinent in the times we currently live in.

Everything either has changed or appears to be on the verge of changing more and this, in no small measure.

In times like these, we are often lured in directions where many things have already been settled for us and all we have to do is abide. Information, as spread through the many channels of official news, tells us what is happening around the world and how we should react to it, while nudging or, rather, pushing us towards a future already prepared.

It is our strong belief, however, that the routes laying in front of us shouldn’t be chosen for their apparent ease of access only. Instead, the great momentum gathering on all fronts should be seen as an opportunity to harness the energy of change imposed, to propel oneself towards a future in line with one’s own personal objectives, desires and need for freedom of action.

Our use of technology, including the field embracing NFTs, is part of our sincere and diligent efforts to set a course whereby the resources flowing in this new direction end up also in activities that strengthen individuals, situations and human capabilities that would, otherwise, be incrementally cast aside to wither away.  In the new reality we are facing day by day, there is much to be salvaged from the past and the present to thrust forward with new vigor and inventiveness aimed at making the world a better place for all, one confident step at a time.

If this short article appears kind of cryptic, stay tuned and over the course of the coming weeks and months we will be more and more specific in our aims, certain that they will encounter the favor of the community we are building together with you.

The journey has just begun and we look forward to navigating the future with as many adventurous and unbridled people as possible.

All the best

The Unchain Gang Team