The world is really in the middle of a true Paradigm Shift, meaning that the fundamental views on the way our society works is being challenged and replaced.

That is, if we allow ourselves to be overrun by the forceful inputs and restrictions imposed by others…

In fact, “good” change should and would be accepted by a vast majority, but how do we know when any change we are faced with is good or bad? Start first of all by asking yourself if the changes being faced increase or decrease your liberty. Does it free or hinder your potential for action in the world? Is it respectful of your individuality and your right to express the same? When I say respectful of your individuality, I don’t mean here that anyone is forced to accept any dogma or viewpoint of others, I mean your possibility of also not accepting the viewpoints of others most importantly!

While the paradigm shift we are seeing promoted more and more arrogantly by a few at the top of the materialistic feeding chain promises a better world, it delivers fear and despair instead. We are constantly working on our own form of paradigm shift, one where we soar above man-made limitations to share great achievements with other like-minded individuals. We know that personal change for the better is our objective here and that this is possible, independent from any imposition anyone else may want to force on us.

Strength, courage and clarity of vision is all that is needed to reach this goal. SANCTUM IN NATURE is a project we are fully committed to, that embodies this philosophy and benevolence of intent.

We call out to all those who can see the benefits and virtue of unconventional sharing, to join us. This would bring us closer to creating our own joyous reality, as a paradigm shift we wholeheartedly want.

Looking forward to having you on board!


The Unchain Gang Team