The future of transactions has in large part already been determined and is at this stage, being implemented at break-neck speed.

There is a possibility that not all goes according to plans and this is also the beauty of the unknown. Much of what has been planned for us is in many ways undesirable, but we present this article today not to resist a future reality, but to make the most of it with what we can do to steer our destiny in a direction most favorable to those of us who have had the least say in its planning.  We might add that people who fit into this latter category are the vast, vast majority, probably at least 99% of humanity!

Without getting into the details of what traceable, programmable and always and forever available data on our every transaction (and life in general) means to every ones of us, we would like to highlight what we think the future of value exchanges between people will look like.

Put in one sentence: it will involve more and more decentralized exchanges of digital instruments and NFTs (however they may evolve to be called), will be a major force in this scenario.

This is one of the main reasons we conceived and presented the SANCTUM IN NATURE project to the public, with the aim of providing real-world value and authentic initiatives to build on the potential of our Community and beyond and to do so in a context of Avant-garde Art & Architecture predisposed to respect and exalt nature. This, to re-interpret our reality, on personal and environmental levels, to contribute to our existence in a way that represents the beauty in the world that can be.

In short, we stand for further developing the creativity and freedom of humanity and to do this in a manner that protects and reinforces Nature!

We won’t stop until our message is made clear to all and obviously, there is no stopping us especially then.

We invite everyone who has come here to give their views on how we can inform the public better in this sense and to join us on a larger scale by first subscribing to our SM pages, followed by participating in our NFT launch when we define the date.

By acquiring our NFTs, you become not only a very important member of our Community, you also gain many benefits, including becoming a fractional owner of our unique landmark Community Center to be, named after our project: SANCTUM IN NATURE (click on “Awe-Inspiring Haven” on our Home page for details).

We look forward to you joining us in this one-of-a-kind adventure!


The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Karolina Grabowska – a big thanks to her!