We have very recently seen a big sell-off on the part of a well-known NFT whale, in the order of over 1,000 high-profile NFTs including BAYC, MAYC, Azuki & Otherdeed. We see this as part of a scenario whereby NFTs are ready to reach the next level!

It is not that we see the above event as something necessarily bad for the “traditional” NFT market, we just see this as a situation whereby the fear and uncertainty inevitably caused leads people increasingly towards value that is more tangible and, therefore, more appealing and materially rewarding to a wider audience.

This is where we at SANCTUM IN NATURE are and we foresee the sector maturing quickly to prompt major appreciation of our goals as an NFT project and, moreover, as a pro-nature sharing project whereby our community grows in its intellectual, artistic and physical property assets as one.

We won’t go over the details again here as most of those who have been paying attention already know where we come from and what our goals are. However, for those who don’t yet know enough about SANCTUM IN NATURE, we invite you to find out everything you need to know on our site via the link given below.

If you need to get feedback from us directly, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll be more than glad to respond personally!

Looking forward to having you in our community!

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The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Kelly  – many thanks to him!