There seems to be no doubt that in recent times, public engagement with NFT projects has waned a bit. 

We attribute this not to a passing of NFTs as an extremely promising instrument that will continue to grow in scope and reach in the future, but to contingent market realities that have had an impact on investments and life standards practically across the board.

It is in times like these that added doubt can hit those creating and promoting NFT projects. Questions seem to linger more than usual, such as: is this the right time to set a launch date or should I wait for a more upbeat market? How will collectors react to my project, now that general eagerness to buy seems to be falling in the NFT market, Is the current downward trend here to stay or just a passing phenomenon? And the questions continue, possibly bring self-doubt to the forefront of the mind too often, where your NFT project goals should be instead!

Well, notwithstanding everything, we are very upbeat! Besides the economic, geopolitical and general instability issues depressing enthusiasm in many fields, we are more than convinced that this is a transitory phase for NFTs and that they will bloom into the hyper-useful and all-encompassing tool they are destined to become.

So, having said that, we have been focusing on the signs that indicate our NFT project, SANCTUM IN NATURE, is taking off. These preliminary signs, we strongly feel, can apply to practically any NFT project as well and they are:

  1. you have penetrated the Social Media wall, getting constantly increasing engagement with the public, as shown by exponential growth in followers, members, etc.
  2. The general public and especially your Community increasingly ask relevant and important questions about the project, giving you the opportunity to “answer one and answer all” by presenting those important questions and answers throughout your SM network.
  3. Your Community starts in earnest and spontaneously helping in “spreading the word” and even assists you in your every-day interactions with the Community.
  4. The public covets getting on the Whitelist of the project, eagerly participating in giveaways and other forms of promotions where these spots are offered.
  5. You start “feeling” that momentum and goodwill is building, because mere calculation is nothing like the wisdom of your “gut feelings”.

We would close this short story with this consideration: of all the factors that can and will take you to your NFT project destination, conviction and informed action are the two most important ones.

Therefore, get out there and interact with other individuals and communities, learn all you can, make your plan and review it constantly as your learning guides you, act on the plan with diligence and consistently do your best! All this could possibly determine the success of your project, but it will certainly teach you a lot…and that is how a better version of you is made.

Let’s go out there and get great stuff done!

Join us.


The Unchain Gang Team