Really getting a grasp on the various social media environments, the real vs the unreal, the authentic as opposed to the scam and everything in between is really a daunting task.

This is particularly true when social media is used to conduct one’s business. Then, falling into traps is not only an annoyance, but it becomes a loss of money,, a waste of time and a distraction from objectives that are useful.

In no time like during our work with SANCTUM IN NATURE have we been able to experience the pitfalls of SM and the need to bust through the false to get to what is authentic.

It really didn’t surprise us much when we came to the conclusion that to get to what is as it appears, we would have to actually create many one-on-one rapports with a vast number of individuals and slowly but surely, filter out the bad to get to the good.

In other words, we would have to be very social in the digital world, but act as if we were still in the “old” reality whereby individual and personal interactions clarify the quality of a relationship, be it for personal or business reasons.

in fact, after “getting burned” numerous times, we re-thought our approach and, starting from one trusted source of services for our marketing plan, we started building up a network, This network started from the suppliers of services known by our one trusted source, that was then amplified by our branching out from these very first “roots”.

Everything has changed in the way we interact with others and how we do business, but this makes it all the more important to remember that deep down, many of the most important things remain the same. All the algorithms, automated functions and AI in the world couldn’t get us to destination like our contemplated judgement did.

At SANCTUM IN NATURE, we look forward to sharing our exploration of the social media landscape with others. It would be a pleasure to exchange views and to help others avoid the difficulties that we faced and are facing to get to what is real.

On this note, we invite anyone who is farther ahead of us in the world of social media to contact us, if they find our initiative appealing. We are still on our journey and our focus is to always learn more, to then share the benefits of that knowledge with others.

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We wish you all a wonderful day!

The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Pixabay – a huge thanks to them!