The story behind the Africa NFT completes the other 6 NFTs of the SANCTUM IN NATURE collection, making up the 7 continents of the World.

The Africa NFT represents Mother Nature in what is considered the cradle of humanity. Mother Nature, in this context, embodies all the qualities needed to nurture the birth, growth and development of all things living and the apparently not. Benevolence flows from her, as do the primal forces creating all the dynamics of interaction and change.

Her disposition adapts to the particular energy reflected back by the created, in an endless feedback loop. Phases define a part of the varying condition of us all. We play an important role every second of our existence in any case, ushering in or out one phase or the other. Our intentions and actions are the powerful means we use, whether we know it or not, to determine our fate.

The Africa NFT of the SANCTUM IN NATURE collection is one of the most important building blocks of the worldly realm.

We use this symbol as a constant reference to our need to work harmoniously with nature, to reach our highest potential and fulfillment in life.

We will take a journey through all the continents over the coming days, to reveal the significance of each symbolic NFT.

It is very important to note that our resolute intention as representatives of the SANCTUM IN NATURE Community, is to bring real-world Art-as-Architecture and stand-alone Art projects to all the continents of the world. It starts from Europe, where our Landmark Community Center will be created, to then expand to the various corners of the world. All NFT holders will be fractional owners of these works, as the virtual deed is included in the NFTs themselves!

Don’t miss the news! The fun and gains are just beginning!


The Unchain Gang Team