With our Asia NFT we focus on the enormous geographical expanse of this continent, with its vast nature settings and habitats, as well as on the equally great potential of its human and animal populations. 

At this time, most everyone is determined to advance technology as this is one of the areas in life that offers tremendous material gain. However, the advancement of technology very often proposes detriments to all activities strictly human…and animal. We are strong proponents of the principle of “if you don’t use it, you lose it” and all that we delegate to technology, to machines and digital solutions, we actually stop doing ourselves in large part. This, undoubtedly leads to more dependence on outside means to be able to move forward. More dependence is obviously another way of saying “less freedom”.

Therefore, we concentrate on leveraging technology, we don’t think we can or should stop it, but not becoming subservient to it. It appears to us that the point we have reached in society already, instead, contemplates the exact opposite conclusion.

In the next phase of technological evolution impacting every aspect of our lives, important parts of Asia are on the leading edge of this push. The personage on our Asia NFT has reached a point of merging with technology, with the risk of foregoing incrementally his own independent identity.

Knowing where we stand now and where we are headed will allow us to take the steps needed to change direction if needed. We at SANCTUM IN NATURE strongly feel that the change of direction is badly needed already. That change starts with the acknowledgement of the forces that are leading us astray. From that acknowledgement, we can change course and follow best our personal and collective purposes, aimed at realizing our true potential.

Meaning in life derives exactly from this.

Join us on our journey. We would love to do great things together with those who understand what is at stake.

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The Unchain Gang Team