The whole world is moving inexorably in the direction of the illusory and this is not by chance, nor without an aim and it is for this reason that we emphasize the need to be for real.

In this brief article we will avoid getting into the why and the how of our slide into the unreal, but we think it is very important to highlight the fact that being for real maintains our connection with the authenticity of our world that has formed and cultivated us since the beginning of time. This connection we refer to is like a foundation that we continue to build on, as opposed to embracing completely the virtual and a whole new set of rules and regulations, created by others, that goes along with that.

So, be strong, hold on to what you know is good and live life to its fullest and away from distracting and harmful illusions as much as is possible.

This is definitely a period governed by global influences that push us towards an oppressive standardization. Let’s go in the opposite direction towards greater freedom and creativity!

Hoping to see you around soon in person or in the context of one of the good uses of the digital realm!

Remember that SANCTUM IN NATURE was initiated by us to promote the best of the real world, leveraging technology for good and not being, viceversa, dominated by it.


The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Gilberto Reyes – many thanks to him!