If you do everything to enjoy life and you do this wisely, you will be doing the best possible thing for all the rest of the world!

In using the word “wisely”, we don’t intend something really complicated or that only a sage could do. We mean doing with the intent of not harming others and in fact, being benevolent.

Better yet if there is also an element of desire to create awesome things that are considerate to the whole of our reality.

What comes from this is not as important as having this intention and acting on it. Many will probably think that it is egocentric to focus on enjoying life in everything we do, but we would disagree. In fact, by having such a goal, your interests coincide instead with those of everyone else of good will. In other words, having joy as your constant goal would leave no space for its opposite and the world would be better simply by virtue of this simple fact!

And we can guarantee that joyous intent spreads quickly and effectively, more so than most would imagine.

For our part, we have invited the world to join us in our project based on the joy of creativity and sharing called SANCTUM IN NATURE.

We are loving every moment of this adventure and we’re sure most of you reading this would too!

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The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Matheus Bertelli – a big thanks to him!