Not in the proportions of Mount Rushmore but, yes, our invitation to you to be immortalized in art is one of many great opportunities we offer those of our Community and this, by having their facial image sculpted into a special part of the 120 ton stone facade of the coming landmark for the ages, the SANCTUM IN NATURE art-as-architecture Community Center.

Considering that the Community Center itself is part of the most audacious and adventurous of NFT projects on the planet today, imagine having the chance, through a giveaway draw amongst NFT holders, to have you image mark a leading role on the facade of this building, for eternity! On winning such a uniquely awesome right, you can even utilize it to have someone else, instead of yourself,  immortalized on the facade. This is the ultimate recognition for the NFT investors who are making this project a reality.

We point out once again that our team of artists, architects and artisans have aggregately over 2 centuries of experience in the various disciplines needed to create SANCTUM IN NATURE and it is for this reason that we are uniquely qualified to deliver on every aspect contemplated in this one-of-a.-kind project.

We know we are on the crest of the coming NFT wave, where tangible assets mix with digital ones, creating the most exciting and remunerative opportunities ever.

Adventure, awesome benefits, rewards and opportunities are all within your grasp with SANCTUM IN NATURE.

Visit our site to find out exactly why you should know all about this project and how it can literally change the landscape of our reality!


The Unchain Gang Team