The fact that freedom and risk are almost synonyms, should be kept in the forefront of the mind by all those who want to do anything independently. 

In the world we live in today, and actually for quite a few generations in an incremental manner, we are used to having rules imposed on us by those who actually aren’t “public servants” anymore (if ever they were), but outright rulers. In the name of our “collective good”, more and more limitations are pushed on the individual’s liberty of action. It is obvious that with limitations, there is occasionally less risk, but we are confident that this does not equate to a better life or a more fulfilling life that offers the possibility to grow and to develop one’s true potential.

Why the solemn discourse in this article? It is actually to draw attention to the very recent financial disasters that have resulted from malfeasance in crypto exchanges and elsewhere, leading to many people losing their investments and often much more.

There is no doubt that every time something wrong happens, the “rulers” will use the occasion to regulate matters…until regulation removes most if not all incentives to do things.

The mounting regulation eventually removes most motivation to open new roads to opportunity. Certain basic rules are almost always beneficial, it is clear, but only when the intention is that of not stifling the individual in favor of a overbearing centralized power. We understand it can be easy to draw the opposite conclusion, but we are quite sure that anyone who studies the matter deeply enough will find our conclusion to be overwhelmingly true.

Moral of the story: let’s all invest our time to understand the workings of our areas of interest, be it crypto and NFTs, investments, business or simply how to live well in general. It is profound knowledge cultivated over time that permits us in reality, to weigh risks on our own and to take the safest route to our individual destinations under our own volition. It is undoubtedly this kind of freedom that leads most often to a fulfilling life.

So, let’s not despair when something bad happens. We must be informed and aware instead.

One of our main objectives in our project, SANCTUM IN NATURE. and in life, is that of exploring and cultivating edifying initiatives and sharing the experience and other benefits with like-minded people. This focus leads to the knowledge and growth needed to increasingly discern between what is real and what is not, between hype alone and enthusiasm that is borne from real potential.

Let’s work together to do great things, while looking out for each-other by cultivating our individual and, therefore, collective capacity to distinguish between the sincere and the feigned, between the beneficial and the superfluous, between the edifying and the useless.

There is a universe of opportunity yet to be explored. Let’s use our freedom to take the risks worth taking…


The Unchain Gang Team