Building a bright future should be amongst the top priorities of each and ever inhabitant of this planet…coming right after procuring the necessary for survival…

But that does a bright future look like? It is probable that there are as many opinions on this matter as there are people who contemplate this question.

What we do know in any case, is that technology is developing at such a rate and employed with such determination that society is inevitably transformed to model itself around the goals of those governments and corporations that wield technological advances to model humanity into their ideal reality. That reality is made up mostly of over-consumption of increasingly altered foods, advanced tech and entertainment via triviality that reinforces a distorted view of what our aims should be here on earth.

To counter this, accepting for a moment that this hypothesis is accurante, we have to stop for a moment and assess the direction each and every one of us is headed in. Therefore, it would be opportune to make adjustments in our lifestyle to better make use of our time here to reach goals more worthy of our attention and efforts…in the event we find we have been swept up by the aims of others, running in a programmed loop unaware of what is best for us.

Having said all that, we add that we feel technology can be a part of our best interests and that when we see the potential of the Blockchain, cryptos and NFts, for example, we know these means can be used for our wellbeing or not and that the ultimate choice on this matter is with us. Will we let things out of our control grow in scope and breadth or will we consciously take control over our lives, to follow our own paths to freedom and personal growth, knowing that this ultimately leads to common wellbeing.

As we’ve stated many times before, we feel that NFTs can become excellent instruments for sharing wealth and developing aspects of our reality still to be explored. Our focus with SANCTUM IN NATURE is on proposing a forward-thinking project and sharing the tangible value this project creates, all in the framework of a nature-promoting initiative that advances concepts of art and architecture.

We’re confident SANCTUM IN NATURE will be more and more understood and for this reason, increasingly appealing to a vaster public.

We look forward to you join gin us too – so we can build a bright future together sooner, rather than later.


The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Pixabay, a great big thanks to them!