Most of us practically wander through life just getting by, not knowing what the purpose of it all is and not really trying to get to the most in life, instead of the bare minimum…

I think I can share a belief with you, a belief that is at the foundation of all that we at SANCTUM IN NATURE do: heaven, hell and purgatory do exist and we are in purgatory at this moment, either headed for the worst or for the infinitely better. The key to elevating ourselves, if this is ultimately what we want to do (and we can’t see a more appealing goal), we have to cut through the distractions, the superfluous, the degrading and reach out for the real, the beautiful and the good.

Each and every day we are confronted with choices. Making the right ones, based on strength instead of fear, on beauty instead of ugliness of intent, on honesty instead of the weakness of selfishness…is the key to awesomeness in life, to the unbelievable wonders that are just beyond the common predicament of the world.

Life is wonderful when we make the most of it, independent from any and all circumstances, when we share in the awesome possibilities and the achievements. When we combine our strengths and aim for the wellbeing and joy of all. SANCTUM IN NATURE is a condensation in a project, of the beliefs and choices mentioned herein.

If the thoughts in this brief article move you in a positive way, we invite you to join us in our quest to live the most in life. SANCTUM IN NATURE is an NFT-based project that exalts nature and the sharing of real values, tangible and non, with those who prefer rising above their current state of existence to all that life can be, just like us!


The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by George Desipris, a great big thanks to him!