With our project “SANCTUM IN NATURE”, we are dedicated to providing collectors with what we call “Forever NFTs”. By that, we mean NFTs that represent durable utilities, tangible legacy assets, life opportunities and a truly unique community philosophy that, together, grow in value and reach over time by virtue of their awesome synergistic aims.

In fact, the over-arching goal of SANCTUM IN NATURE is that of promoting the interests of it’s community while contributing to the revitalization of the best artistic practices in the world of sculpture and architecture, in one of the most important cultural and art regions of the world, Tuscany. This, via the realization of what we are confident will become a landmark “Art as Architecture” property of the SANCTUM IN NATURE community, located along the beautiful Tuscan coast, via the fractioning of ownership inherent in the NFTs themselves.

We were recently told by an enthusiast that our project was “far-fetched”, to which we responded that it is only a bit ahead of the curve in the evolving use of NFTs and significantly more ambitious in the vision it embodies, with respect to the typical NFT project. That vision is transforming day by day into a reality that will benefit the community and beyond, practically forever.

We further responded by saying that because we are a collective of artists, architects and artisans who have an aggregate experience in our fields of over two centuries, we are uniquely qualified to deliver on each and every promise made.

Join us. We love to be in the company of people who aim to do great things and who have the vision and determination to succeed.

Discord: https://discord.gg/28a5fsuVqK
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/unchain_gang/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Unchain_gang

The Unchain Gang Team