We’ve got all kinds of opportunities in front of us in the NFT and crypto worlds and beyond, and they range from the bizarre to the illuminating. Whatever may attract any of us, let’s do good!

Although we may all take time for granted occasionally, as we use it we ultimately will find that it is the most scarce and important resource we have. We might as well invest ourselves in things that carry out a number of functions, all at the same time, so that we are more efficient and satisfied with what we do with our lives. What is meant by that is we can have get great satisfaction from dedicating our time, energy and other resources to something really fun, but imagine if that same thing contemporaneously also has a great positive impact on yourself and those around you? Imagine if it went as far as improving our world in a personal and a collective way. Imagine if we could enjoy exploring our reality while we help evolve our society and the way we express our freedom. Imagine is we could rethink and implement they way we interact with those who would limit and coerce us in society. Imagine if we could make leaps forward in our economic condition, our health, our empathy and relationships.  Imagine if we could really arrive at reaching our full potential.

These things are what we have firmly in our minds at SANCTUM IN NATURE and what we propose to our Community. Sure, we have some of the most ambitious goals that can exist in the context of NFT projects, or any other project that depends on the joint efforts of heterogenous groups of people who voluntarily come together for a cause. However, the focus of it all is that of changing ourselves and our reality for the better, to aim at living the kind of exciting, adventurous and uplifting life we know we can, together.

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The Unchain Gang Team