One of the main benefits of the SANCTUM IN NATURE NFT project is that of its providing fractional ownership of landmark property by the sea, to each and every NFT holder.

The property itself is designed on the basis of a niche architectural style where art and architecture are fused together in a new concept of contemporary construction. It is this Art-as-Architecture that is the actual artwork of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project. As mentioned above, ownership of this building is shared with the Community through the acquisition of NFTs representing apportioned deeds.

This art building to-be will constitute the Community Center for the project and it will be the first of a series of works of extraordinary content, realized in the real-world, that represent our artistic vision and constitute real-value in one-of-a-kind assets.

The SANCTUM IN NATURE Landmark Property will be along the Tuscan coast of Italy, in an area called “Versilia”, where the work will reinvigorate the centuries-old work in the fields of art and architecture of this land. In fact, our project has the aim of leveraging technology and digital assets to always build on the talents and capabilities of people and doing so in harmony with nature.

There are a number of other great benefits, rewards and opportunities contemplated in SANCTUM IN NATURE and these will be the subject of further articles we will publish over the coming days, up to Christmas and a bit beyond.

In the mean time, we invite all to consider joining us in this exciting adventure with the overarching goal of us creating our own narrative together. We are sure you will find it is one of the best ways possible to invest your time and the limited resources required, to have a multifaceted return beyond your wildest dreams!


The Unchain Gang Team