Whatever anyone may think about useful goals in life and/or in business, few things are so directly appealing as the goal of creating Abundance and Joy!

Great Health is the only thing we can think of that is above and beyond, but that goes practically without saying!

So, while the SANCTUM IN NATURE NFT project is all about sharing in extraordinary tangible, digital and emotional assets and experiences, creating Abundance and Joy is the real underlying and overarching goal of our work and in this, we are completely transparent and absolutely sincere.

All this, in practical terms, translates into sharing ownership of an awesome Landmark Art-as-Architecture Community Center that will constitute a novelty in building aesthetics, based on the renovation of the centuries-old talents and artistry of our land in Tuscany. It will also mean providing the means to bring our Community together on ideals and approaches aimed at cultivating our individual and collective potential. This, to forge our reality into a future we know we are deserving of. It also is based on the pooling of resources of the many, to offer wonderful opportunities to lucky individuals to travel and see inspiring places around the world. It means too, the chronicling of the many experiences for everyone, so that the adventure remains and is more easily expanded on.

All in all, it mean doing things that contribute greatly to an interesting, abundant and Joyful life, while we face all the things that can occasionally and spontaneously work in other directions.

Let’s join forces. We can do so much more that way!

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The Unchain Gang Team