Although it may appear easy to know how the world really works, the hypothesis of this article is that this line of thought is far from the truth…

In fact, after traveling far and wide and having experienced the most diverse situations and circumstances over a large span of time, our conclusion is that the masses are generally moved by a narrative created by the few and very frequently, there is a better way of progressing in the direction of personal AND collective best interests for us all.

Having stated this rather cryptic phrase, in simple terms we mean that if you don’t create your own narrative, alone or with other like-minded people, you will most probably live a life dictated by the wants and needs of others and not a life focused on your own personal enjoyment, growth and abundance.

Therefore: we must create our own narrative!

This requires thinking critically, while simultaneously coming to know what it is that we really want. Very often, when done thoroughly, we find that we don’t need most of the things that society puts in front of us as measures of success. It becomes evident that our personal purpose is much more important to appreciate and pursue.

What is that purpose? We strongly feel that it is whatever makes you feel enthusiastic and raring to go, whatever gets you into action and feeling truly alive at any given point in time. In fact, that purpose can and often does change over time, but by paying attention to the shifts in perspective and tastes moving foreword, all the experience, lessons, joys and disappointments of the past can be used to face the present and the future more and more joyfully and in an increasingly edifying manner.

Therefore, we think it is great to pay attention to what really gets you going, what energizes you and what you look forward to being active in day after day…then look for the opportunities around you to make that your sustenance and source of purpose.

We at Unchain Gang have found this in the adventures inherent in creating one’s own narrative, in the world of art & architecture, in the fun of interacting with multitudes of people looking to enjoy life and learn in the NFT community and beyond. That something is SANCTUM IN NATURE, the NFT-based project that shares real-world assets, adventures and a philosophy of freedom with all those who are so inclined.

On this note, we invite all inspired by our work to join us. There is great strength in unity and together we can do truly awesome things!


The Unchain Gang Team