Remembering who you truly are and the power you have is a major force in your creating the life that you want! 

What we mean by “remembering” actually refers to something beyond your current life experience. In fact, we are referring to the source of your being. It is an essence beyond the knowledge you have accumulated along the path of your life.  Until you feel that identity and it’s purpose, there will always be a sense of want pushing you to find yourself more fully.

Take the time out to listen to yourself and to focus more on what you want, instead of what may be imposed on you. We are very confident you will be surprised by what you will find and the possibilities you will uncover!

Why, you may ask, would we, creators of an NFT-based project known as “SANCTUM IN NATURE”, talk about these soul-searching topics? It is because the material objectives inherent in our project, although very ambitious and elevating by themselves, are nothing without the empowering and benevolent  ideas we want to share with our community and beyond.

We know the future, and it is the best we can imagine for all, notwithstanding anything that apparently indicates otherwise!


The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Tanfir Araf – many, many thanks to him!