Oh, wouldn’t it be great if there was only one key needed, or formula, to have success in everything we do!

And yes, if that key could be made available to us without having  to knock ourselves out looking for it…

Well, in a sense there is in fact a key to practically universal success. The first part of the key, or formula, is that of being true to yourself and others and expressing that truth in the form of the courage needed to go after what you want.

There is nothing like unchallenged self-doubt to hinder one’s journey towards fulfillment. So, this is an important part of the go-getter attitude needed to succeed.

The next important aspect of the formula is to have the drive and the motivation to take effective action. Practically no one gets something for what they intend to do, they get rewarded for the results they actually obtain by doing! The same holds true for what we know, for what we have studied and earned titles for: no one will pay you for that. You have to actually do something successfully with your knowledge to earn compensation for it or, in the case of the investor and/or entrepreneur, to earn for your good investment picks or to gain the favor of your target audience and paying customers.

Another key element of the formula is “having  Purpose”. This is often the most elusive of aims, but the most important for a productive and happy life, we strongly feel. By this, we mean finding something that motivates us sufficiently to have us willing dedicate time and effort to it. Good causes of many types come to mind here.

Persistence is yet another important ingredient. Without persistence we can attain no real level of expertise in anything. With persistence, the “normal” individual can overcome the seemingly impossible and outperform even the genius.

It’s time to include “focus” in the mix. By focus, we mean a specific target of our interest and attention. For our NFT-based project, SANCTUM IN NATURE, we have chosen to focus our time, energy and other resources to developing a far-ranging and quite revolutionary project that has extraordinary goals, goals capable of optimally engaging everyone on our team to best express all the points to success referred to herein.

We have to include, however, the one ingredient that all formulas need in any case: luck. Although luck is overestimated by most because many rely on it too much, without that pinch of luck, nothing seems to get by. Even in the event of insufficient luck, we can always refer back to the point above relative to persistence – this will take you well beyond even the limitations of luck…

This is where “resilience” also comes in. Obstacles are almost always present, but getting through obstacles is what builds our strengths. Remember: it is not the reward that is ultimately the biggest gain for any initiative we engage in, it is what you become going through what you have to go through to pursue that aim.

If there is anyone out there who would like to discus this matter further, in relation to any specific initiative they may have in mind, it would be our pleasure to exchange views and/or give our humble advice.

We wish you all a great day and lots of success!

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The Unchain Gang Team