Bears precede bulls (markets) and then vice versa, round and round. Everything in our known universe runs in cycles: day and night, seasons, movement of celestial bodies, life and death and on and on…

What’s the takeaway from all this? We would say “when things are on the downswing, prepare for great things to come!”

That is the essence of our message today. In fact, what we have been experiencing over the last few months in the NFT market can be correctly described as a passage through whatever phase of a bear market we may ultimately be in. This is nothing to fear, we strongly believe, because we see awesome things on the horizon! This, because we truly feel that NFTs will have a glorious future in tokenizing the world and our project, SANCTUM IN NATURE is intended to be on the forefront of the amazing things the bulls will usher in, when the bears have run their course.

During cycles of decline, the important thing is to have a renewed energy and outlook…and functioning ideas, before the upswing begins. After the darkness there is always the light of a new day and together we can all catch the exhilarating thrust into new opportunities and growth when that particular daylight comes!

So, let’s face this weekend gathering our energies to prepare for the raging bulls, as the bears will sooner or later tire out.

We wish you all a great weekend and an infinite optimism!


The Unchain Gang Team