What does Michelangelo have to do with NFTs?

Considering that Michelangelo expressed his greatness in art, architecture and life in general over 5 centuries ago, that is a very valid question.

We made this connection because as many of you may know, we are from the coastal area of Tuscany, in an place called “Versilia”, and more precisely in the town of Pietrasanta.

We have worked in art and architecture here for many years and it is here where SANCTUM IN NATURE has its current base and where the Architectural artwork of this namesake will be located, overlooking the beautiful section of the Mediterranean called the “Pearl of Tirreno”.

This preamble is leading to one of the reasons our NFT project was conceived and developed: doing justice to those who have endured as the artistic heirs to the great Michelangelo, in the town where he concluded some of his important contracts to procure his fine, while marble for his masterpieces and at the heart of where the Renaissance initiated and represented the best in everything beautifully created in art. In fact, with all the developments leading to our current day, humans have been made more and more secondary to technology, but we know that the potential to continue elevating ourselves with our own hands is limitless. We would like for the centuries-old artistic traditions of this land to continue to inspire the world and to have humans at the center of the creative adventure that is life. We would like for the genius of Michelangelo to have heirs who are willing to pass the torch of talent and manual know-how to more generations yet.

We want to stimulate this process by building one of the most phenomenal Architecture-as-Art projects the world has known, promoting the artists, architects and artisans still capable of achieving greatness simultaneously,  to have our Community be fractional owners of what will almost certainly become a landmark for the ages.

These are the first few reasons why we invite others from around the world to join us. This is why SANCTUM IN NATURE, we strongly feel, is so important.

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We wish you all a wonderful day!

The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Andrea Verzola – a huge thanks to him!

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