The NFT Multifunction Founder Cards we show here and elsewhere, are examples of just the first “page” of our Community membership cards.

In fact, these cards are to distinguish the members of our Community who purchase the very first NFTs of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project in our pre-launch sale, the date off which is still to be announced.

The Founders, besides all the benefits rewards and opportunities foreseen in our project, including fractional ownership of the Art as Architectural building as center for all Community activities, will each have their own personalized “Founding Investor” book that will chronicle every step of the SANCTUM IN NATURE adventure. This is one of the testimonies for all times of the involvement of each NFT holder in this epic journey that will mark the shift in focus of projects of this nature, from the ethereal to the awesomely tangible.

We will show and tell much more about this aspect of our project, while showing the workings of the Multifunction Founder Cards, over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss the news!


The Unchain Gang Team