For those of you who are not very familiar yet with SANCTUM IN NATURE, this adventurous project is based on a reality expanding philosophy first of all and then an awesome combination of Benefits, Rewards and Opportunities that we will highlight below

The art of our NFT is on and in our multifunction member cards, that are the key to our Community, but the NFT game-changing art is actually an Architectural Artwork property we have engaged to build in the real world, based on designs inspired by the work of an internationally acclaimed artist, Ivan Theimer, for whom we as a collective of artists, architects and artisans did the design work. 

This work of Art as Architecture will be the Center for all Community activities and we are sure it will become a landmark for the ages in one of the most beautiful places on earth: Tuscany, overlooking the sea.

This building will be duplicated in the digital realm to allow all NFT owners, who will be fractional owners of the real-world property, to access the building anywhere and to share all-around views of this holding with others. Via this digital presence, they will also be updated in real-time of all Community activities.

Besides this, we provide each minter a personalized “Investor Book”, that grows in size as the project progresses. This is also a particularly awesome part of the project, chronicling the NFT holder’s role in this adventure! For this, we have tied up with an editing company specialized in the creation of very prestigious publications.

Then there is the Community aspect: we are Freedom, Nature, Art, Architecture, Adventure and Community loving individuals joining forces with others who share our values, to improve on our individual and collective reality.

There is also the chance for all to win international travel packages and of being “Immortalized in Art”. Considering that the art building of SANCTUM IN NATURE will have a 120 ton stone facade, there will be the chance for all to participate in a draw whereby a small number of lucky winners can have their likeness (or that of a person of their choice) sculpted into this facade. A presence that will last forever! Others will be able to win the chance to have their signatures sculpted into the facade too, but you can read all about that on the 2nd page of our site:

On that page, you will be able to read the details of what is written above and more.

The project is audacious and an true adventure and our group, with an aggregate experience spanning a couple centuries, is uniquely qualified to deliver on each and every promise. 

So, we hope to find you amongst our Community if you are not already with us. This will be truly a memorable undertaking and you won’t want to miss out.

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The Unchain Gang Team