SANCTUM IN NATURE has kicked off its “World Tour”, by giving the first previews of the NFTs dedicated to the continents of the world!

These geographically-based NFTs draw attention, through the imagery and more, to important aspects of the lands that we are focusing our attention on and that lead to the expansion of our project around the world. In fact, the Art-as-Archtiecture Community Center building foreseen in our pilot project is just one of a series of physical works we plan for each and every continent. This, to share our view of edifying beauty, to promote talent, to perpetuate the best human-centric skills and to share these values with our Community! Each work realized will be a platform from which we share our philosophy and vision with all those who want to participate in exploring positive change to our reality.

We will elaborate more on the plans and actions of our work as we go, but for now we invite all so inclined to visit our social media pages frequently. Our previews and news updates will pick up pace there, leading to our launch.

We wish you all a great day, full of awesome opportunities!


The Unchain Gang Team