Why do we consider NFTs part of a bright future of sharing? It is because NFTs, besides the awesome use of them to represent digital collectibles, are perfectly predisposed to be optimum instruments for the fractioning of ownership also of the tangible world around us.

In this manner, participation on the part of the widest public in investments, endeavors and adventures becomes much, much easier and accessible.

That is, as long as over-regulation and practical monopolization on the part of those who generally do such things, does not get the upper-hand.

Therefore, freedom and participation in society go hand-in-hand and that is primarily why the SANCTUM IN NATURE project focuses so much on these aspects in its core philosophy. In fact, one of the major benefits of the Community is actually that of being immersed in these values in our daily conduct and as the guiding principles in all we do. The idea is to perpetuate the best practices in Art, Architecture, Adventure and, before all else, in Life!

If you are so inclined, join us. We would love to be in your company for this unique and lasting adventure!

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The Unchain Gang Team

Illustration by Lucile Klein – a great thanks to her!