We strongly feel that in the field of NFTS, it’s time to offer more!

The NFT, as an instrument, is versatile enough to expand enormously on its current uses to encompass areas of interest that go far beyond the applications it has been employed in to date. At the very least, its use in collectibles can extend increasingly to include real-world assets. In this way, buyers can not only enjoy digital works, but also benefit from tangible works that often transcend the appeal of resources confined to the screen.

A major part of the SANCTUM IN NATURE project, for example, is based on this principle. The precept is that of offering groundbreaking landmark real-estate, Art as Architecture specifically, using the same as a Center for all Community activities, to provide all NFT holders with real and extraordinary property with unique value growth potential. Add to this the Community philosophy for advancement in terms of creative and personal freedom, the chronicling of each original minter’s role in the project via their own personalized Investor Book, the possibility to engage in an important number of other initiatives with awesome benefits and rewards, and the project takes on a practically irresistible appeal. This, we strongly feel, is what should become more and more the aim of NFT projects, where the strength of a collective permits succeeding in achievements inaccessible to the individual alone.

Pioneering such NFT projects is audacious at this time, but the sentiment of the markets is clearly indicating that the public wants more. We are very confident we have the answer to this need.

Join us and explore the future that is right around the corner!

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The Unchain Gang Team