We are quickly moving into a “new era of everything” and expressions of life, like art, are at the forefront of change.

We strongly feel that not everything is how it appears, however. During this ongoing transformational age, it is extremely important to direct our energies and to unite to create the narrative that will actually work in our favor. When we say “our”, we mean of the vast, vast majority of people who are not “in power”, but who have always adhered to the dictates of those few who are. No, we are not referring to any political movement whereby we exchange one dystopia for another. We refer to acting with the knowledge that choices based on principles of freedom of action, respect of others and of all our reality and the opportunity to pursue our best and most fulfilling potential, is the guiding philosophy we need to create our own New Narrative. We could say that “decentralization” can be a very important factor in this, as long as we have the knowledge and wisdom to not allow it to morph into a novel way to control us in the old manner.

NFTs, cryptos, Blockchain and many new technologies potentially hold the keys to the power of individuals united. Let’s use those keys wisely by focusing on thinking, doing and enjoying everything in the most effective and positive way possible.

SANCTUM IN NATURE is exactly a project that brings together many, if not all, aspects of what is suggested above.

Live to the fullest today and forever!

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