We took the time out to visit the Venice Biennial of Art yesterday, being one of the most important events in the world in art.  Our group biography as artists, architects and artisans keeps us interested in events that define the state of these aspects of creativity in the markets over time. The visit was worth the time, even though the main appeal is Venice itself!

In fact, our dedication to offering NFTs as access to tangible works of one-of-a-kind creativity is in line with the evolution of the art marketplace, where technology is “contaminating” the traditional approaches and venues. Venice, with the Biennial, is also the perfect place to make a comparison of what has been done in the realm of art, architecture and artistic works in general from the past, with what the contemporary creative scene in these fields is today. I would venture to say that although there are some shining stars in our present day, the comparison illustrates very eloquently how far we have actually devolved.

Abstraction, experimental and other forms of present day art really do highlight the enormity of opportunity that exists for new interpretations of figurative and “traditional” creativity. Unchain Gang, in its quest to promote and perpetuate what we would call “best creative practices” has the aim of doing its part to giving life back to those expressions of creativity that have the ability to inspire practically everyone, with no need for any expert as a mediator to tell everyone what is and what is not appealing and inspiring.

With the SANCTUM IN NATURE project, human creativity and manual work in this context is at the forefront. We strongly believe that what you delegate to machines and computers, you eventually lose as a personal capability and it is for this reason that we feel so strongly about this aspect of our quest.

We know that aspiring to see and to express uplifting, benevolent and positive aspects of life is what pushes us towards the world we would more like to live in. The influences we receive every day to the contrary are so enormous and pervasive as to obfuscate the limiting effects often caused. Our efforts are to promote the best ideals, in our philosophy and in our works, so as to grow a community where the strength of our joint actions expand wellbeing and forms of creativity that beautify our world, making it day-by-day more appealing on a personal level and for all.

Join us in this adventure. We are sure you will be very glad you did.

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The Unchain Gang Team