NFTs are certainly part of the trends that have been revolutionizing financial transactions over the last handful of years. Like anything in life, there are pros and cons to this.


Unchain Gang focuses on the pros and SANCTUM IN NATURE is a prime example of how we propose NFTs to create substantial Digital AND Tangible value for all stakeholders.

One of the milestones on the horizon of Unchain Gang is that of proposing total privacy tokens, as we feel that with respect to the overwheliming majority of digital currency and other similar resources on the market, Privacy at the protocol level is almost completely missing.

Without privacy, the appeal and potential of any crypto asset is greatly diminished. We will get into this extremely important topic more as we present articles here, but we thought we would put out this factor of our philosophy and inform our readers about developments we have in the making that lie underneath the evident aspects of a project.

The new financial trends we see unfolding are definitely changing almost everything we knew about transacting. This trend will undoubtedly accelerate at an increasing rate. Once “the big guys” move to dominate with practically absolute control, we should have our alternatives in place. We strongly feel that privacy and freedom from coercion are two of the most important ingredients to a healthy, happy and wealthy life.


We look forward to you spreading the word and coming on board!

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