How can a simple NFT play a role in the big scheme of things?


It is probably important to start from a very simple precept, to begin to answer this apparently esoteric question. The precept proposed is:

what makes life worth living to you is, in substance, the importance of everything.

That will sound quite self-centered and reductive to many, but we think it is actually the best starting point to approach the initial question. By this, we mean that everything you do starts from your own perspective. In life, you are the individual asking your own questions and you are the one that perceives the meaning of the answers you find. In other words, you determine whether or not you see meaning in any given thing and that includes in life itself. If you don’t find any such meaning to motivate your being, then what do you, as the observer, care about whatever other function the big scheme has? We are more than confident that meaning is always there, in a multitude of ways. It’s just a matter of feeling it when you go about living, something that offers the possibility of also comprehending it as well..

Now, getting back to the NFT thing…

Based on what is ultimately important to a person determines where that person invests their time, energy and resources. Hence, if you are one of the growing number of people who have invested in or are about to invest in an NFT project, just to use this particular example in a field we find ourselves dedicated to, then isn’t it a great opportunity to make that investment based on your big scheme of things? The scheme whereby you find value that gives meaning to your life, be that in having fun, living by or searching for uplifting core values, getting to know positive people willing to share a journey or any other combination of activities that resonates with you.

We think that what is good for you, adds value to everything.  If this makes sense to you or even if it currently doesn’t but you would like to explore this concept, it would be a great pleasure for us to continue on with our adventure in your company.

We are sure there will be many ways whereby we add value to each other’s aspirations and objectives.

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