To the question “NFTs, what is utility”, we could simply respond by stating that, as with any other use of the term “utility”, it is something of an NFT that is useful to the beneficiary in one way or another. Said a bit more expressively, it could be defined as “the satisfaction that a person receives by using a good or service offered by an NFT”. 

Satisfaction deriving from a utility comes in all forms and flavors, we would say, but there is a broad distinction we often make, that being: fleeting pleasure and, instead, benefits of the durable kind. Let’s be very honest here: probably most persons involved in the NFT market think of utility as “making a bunch of money fast”, made possible by flipping NFTs. We are not against this and, in fact, if other fundamentals are in order, this generally becomes all the more possible.

In any case, under the best of circumstances, the pleasure is both immediate and exciting, as well as durable and with long-term and important significance.

The Various utilities contemplated in the SANCTUM IN NATURE Project, for example, are meant to give an all-inclusive form of satisfaction, from the exciting and intriguing, to the extraordinarily concreate and with durability like little else in life.

Starting with the latter type of utility, the SANCTUM IN NATURE project contemplates the realization of a building that can only be defined as a work of “Architectural Art”. This project is planned and will be implemented by Master Artists, Artisans and acclaimed Architects. All this, in the center of culture and art in Italy, Tuscany, in a town called Pietrasanta. Once complete, this building, named like the project itself, SANCTUM IN NATURE, will be the physical Center of all activities of the Community. The building has the design, qualities and team behind it to become a Landmark for the Ages. Therefore, the utilities for the NFT holder in this particular case run from becoming a fractional owner of an awesome and one-of-a-kind real-life asset, to having a Center for the Community that is dedicated to growing the same. Furthermore, the Community will therefore participate in offering a truly unique property to the landscape of one of the most beautiful sites on the coast of Tuscany and they will be able to share in beyond-maintenance-proceeds from all the possible public and private activities of the Center to fund benefits and rewards over the long term to NFT holders. One examples of such benefits is the possibility in winning trips to the Center itself and to other paradise destinations in the world.  there are numerous other benefits foreseen in the project that make the whole adventure remarkable, enriching and amazingly rewarding in myriad ways.

We could talk about the chance for each NFT holder to be “Immortalized In Art”, directly on the 120 ton stone facade of SANCTUM IN NATURE, or about the personalized Investor Book that chronicles the Community involvement in this project, or the events promoting Nature and Freedom and making positive changes in life, but you can go to our website to read up on this, especially on page two.

So, the word utility is thrown around a lot in the NFT space and only rarely, we think, is the meaning of this term really reflected on deeply. We hope that with this article we have started to make it clear how important real and lasting utility actually is and how our approach to this aspect is.

For now, we’ll just say “stay tuned”, great things are on their way!


Wishing you all make the most out of this day!

The Unchain Gang Team

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