Being different for the sake of being different holds no particular value that we know of, besides maybe being seen more easily. This is often good in itself for commerce and bad if you are prey…

What we are contemplating here is that “difference” that represents a deviation from the norm and an improvement on the same. In this case, being different has great significance and is almost always the precursor for positive change.

Leading the way can be a greatly rewarding endeavor and it is for this reason that innovators are frequently seen as some kind of heroes in their respective fields. The con to this is that it is almost always extremely difficult to be understood if your difference is too far ahead of the proverbial “curve”, no matter how concrete and promising the impact of that difference could be.

Therefore, innovating is vital to positive change, but even in our modern world, innovative change is usually only understood much, much after the fact. So what? You may say, as long as those positive changes are forthcoming, what difference does it make?

We agree with this consideration, but this short article is to point out on the one side, the need to persevere, to keep pushing to be understood, for those who bring positive change and on the other side, for those who could benefit from positive change, to keep their eyes open and provide support to innovators when possible, because positive change generally improves the lives of us all.

In a nutshell, this is all we wanted to say today, as we grapple with our own form of difference and all the great things we think it can bring for a whole lot of deserving people.

If you get the chance, read up a bit on our NFT-based project, “SANCTUM IN NATURE”. It represents some of the change we would like very much to introduce to an area that is just taking off in reality, but that we think is ripe for much more difference.

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