Over the last few decades we have been familiarized increasingly with all things digital and we have been able to see how many of our activities, from work to education and on to leisure, have been greatly facilitated and enriched by the presence of computers, apps, the web and other digital networks and lately, the AI revolution…

Considering that we at SANCTUM IN NATURE are part of an NFT-based project focused on nature and the sharing of innovative landmark real-estate property, it would seem natural that we feel positive about practically everything proposed within the digital reality encroaching on all aspects of our existence…

That isn’t exactly how we see things and we would like to share with you our strong interest in discernment. What we mean by discernment is the ability to distinguish between what is simply convenient from what is, instead, a trap. Therefore, although we are for the advancement of knowledge and the use of technology to achieve benevolent aims for individuals and society in general, we are wary of the growing dependence of the world on what actually amounts to very centralised systems ruling over our means of interacting and transacting,

In fact, it appears that the central bank “digital dollar” will be rolled out in some form on Independence Day in the US this year and this programmable, centrally controlled digital currency could be one of the most important events to be wary about so far in our expanding digital dependency.

Although we are using NFTs, for example, as a possibly decentralised way to create and share in wealth with other private individuals, we know of pitfalls in the Blockchain thesis and we act to limit such pitfalls for the benefit of privacy. Digital money, however, appears to us on the extreme opposite of the spectrum of liberties and we would be very eager to exchange views with anyone who has made it here to this brief article on the subject, to talk about it all in depth. it is a subject that will have an enormous impact on not only the sector we are focused on, but on everything humanity does.

Therefore, please do give us your feedback concerning your views on our digital landscape today and where it is heading. Our future really does depend on what we think about this and how we take action to guarantee the best future possible for us all.

We wish you all a great day in the mean time!

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The Unchain Gang Team

Image by Sarah Grillo, a great big thanks to her!