Hey Everybody, we feel great to be back in touch with you to tell you our “South America NFT” narrative!

Every NFT Founder Card is based on a continent, as we have explained in earlier articles and the card featured today focuses on three of the most amazing aspects of this continent found almost entirely in the Southern Hemisphere and with the largest rainforest on earth: its incredible biodiversity, its vibrant and globally vital natural forest systems and the very promising large percentage of young people constituting many of the the populations of the 12 countries (and other territories) that make this continent up.

On that last note, we find that challenges posed by society and governments, especially concentrated in recent times, have guided humanity down a path where soon enough, we will find that motivated youth are the real solution to practically all problems that can be envisaged! We don’t say this lightly and we strongly feel that time will confirm our theory soon enough. In fact, on close inspection even of official data, many parameters tied to world population, health, life and death projections all seem to be “going south” (no pun intended) rather quickly. This is the reason why we are so enthusiastic about promoting Nature and Life and about gathering amongst ourselves to develop our potential in ways that lead to the future we desire, not a future based on what we call “the fixation of fear”.

Nature is wise, much wiser than man who is but one of the players in this wonderful theater of adventure and no fear should stunt the will to live our lives with purpose and joy.

To touch on the other two aspects of South America mentioned above: the great forest systems and the incredible biodiversity…what can we say that wouldn’t be self-evident: we breath air, like most living creatures on earth and the plants “exhale” the oxygen for us, taking in the C02 to produce its own sustenance. In this sense, South America should probably be considered our largest “lung”! The amazing biodiversity therefore: here we’re referring to animals, plants, sea-creatures of all types, etc. etc. All together, it is a magical biological “machine” that is part and parcel of its various ecosystems. The whole works with such a complexity that our best best bet is to protect it by “not messing with it”!

In many places on this planet we are in a veritable paradise and many other places could return to this state, if we promote this through making ourselves heard and felt in the most opportune ways. We think it all starts from small groups of people working together to really remember what we are here for.

We have been distracted for a long time, but it doesn’t have to stay this way and SANCTUM IN NATURE will be used to spread this life-loving, value-sharing and generally edifying approach to everything, to contribute to our profoundly needed awakening.

Please do join us. The importance of the picture we are illustrating with words here will become more and more clear as time progresses. Why wait?

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The Unchain Gang Team