After warming up over the months in getting our word out to the public concerning our NFT-based project “SANCTUM IN NATURE”, we have decided to kick off our full-fledged “Discovery” campaign! Stay tuned over the coming days for news in this context.

What we mean by this is that we want to fully dis-cover or unveil all the aspects of SANCTUM IN NATURE, from the principles and philosophy, to the audacious Architectural work of Art that will be the Center of Activities of our Community, to everything in between. This entails opportunities, benefits and rewards that are extraordinary, but firmly within the capabilities of our team of expert artists, architects and artisans. In fact, SANCTUM IN NATURE was conceptualized to offer the best of the digital and physical worlds by making an awesome physical asset a central part of the project.

It’s strange, but most don’t immediately comprehend the value and utility of this aspect, while forward-thinking and tangible realizations in the real world, in this case of a landmark real-estate cum Community Center, is and always has been at the heart of human development and prosperity.

The information we will reveal has, in reality, always been there on our site: but we understand that the extent of the content can be overwhelming. Hence, our Discovery plan is to be exhaustive, but very succinct so that the details are much more accessible with much less effort in the discovery process.

We invite all of good-will to join us in this adventure. Together, We will make amazing positive changes to our reality and this is a big part of the thrill in the journey!


The Unchain Gang Team

Photo by Pok Rie – a big thanks to him!