Generally, when a visitor to our site or other social media channel sees our project, they often ask what our aim is with NFTs.

We understand the fact that we are “unusual” in our approach and that this can create some confusion. Therefore, we take this opportunity to succinctly clarify what we have set out to do.

Firstly, offer NFT enthusiasts extraordinary tangible assets with a formula of fractional ownership. In the case of our project, of an awesome Architecture as Art building for our Community Center, named after the project: SANCTUM IN NATURE. In fact, the strength in unity of many people can permit the same to achieve goals like this, unthought of only a short while ago. This is a very empowering force.

This physical base for all SANCTUM IN NATURE Community activities, will be used also to offer the opportunity to all to explore, discuss and debate the philosophy of creative and personal freedom and the development of our potential to improve our reality, during events whereby Community members are invited to visit the incredible location in Tuscany where the Center is to be.

It is also our firm will to perpetuate the best artistic practices exactly through the realization of the Community Center, a building that follows a niche style whereby art of the highest calibre is an integral part of the building. In this context, our team of artists, architects and artisans excel in delivering unparalleled results, while using the opportunity to allow others to participate as apprentices in the process.

It is understood, importantly, that the extraordinary nature of the building and the standing of the team to build it, provide the optimum conditions for value appreciation. Any such appreciation is enjoyed by all the Community, on the basis of their holding.

Furthermore, we have contemplated the use of building techniques and practices that optimize efficiency and eliminate the need for external sources of energy and other utilities. In this context, the beauty of the building is equaled only by the appeal of the vision to create real autonomy in a world ever more dependent.

All this is chronicled in personal Investors Books that each original minter will receive and can cherish for a lifetime. Then there is also the aspect of draws and contests, allowing many lucky Community members to be “immortalized in art”, or to have their signature forever engraved into the facade of SANCTUM IN NATURE, to travel to paradise destinations around the world and more. We invite all those interested, to visit our site to see the exact list of benefits, rewards and opportunities. We are sure it will very pleasantly surprise.

So, without having been exhaustive, we believe that in this article we have given quite a good idea of what our aims with NFTs are.

We would be overjoyed to have you join this adventure, making our own inspiring history together in the process!


The Unchain Gang Team