It’s not all about some very momentary, powerful jolt of excitement, but that is part of the mix…think about it as a kind of off and on state of exhilarating joy that is long-lasting and alternating in just the right mix to remain pertinent and forever sensitizing…

Does that make sense to you? Well, what we refer to is about arriving at a state of mind, through exploration, experience, curiosity and a whole series of positive dynamics, where you first finely connect your actions with your results, to then comprehend how your discovery of reality gives you the power to shape and share that reality more and more powerfully like you want. Obviously this comes with a whole menu of unforeseen events, obstacles and apparent setbacks, but these are what make the process and adventure so thrilling and compelling!

Discovery, the most profound discovery, is, then, the biggest thrill of our lives. And the best form of discovery has no bounds: it is discovery of our reality, of our temporary limits, of the limits of others, more importantly of our potential, individual and collective, it is discovery of the incredibly large gamut of emotions that power our lives and direction, it is discovery of ourselves at the most intense level. This discovery starts from our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings and expands from there. The speed and extent of that expansion depends on our capacity to grow in our consciousness. The ensuing wonder can be truly miraculous.

Here, we mention SANCTUM IN NATURE, not so much as self promotion tied to our project, but as a proposal to you to participate, making it your project as well. This opportunity is a giant leap towards cultivating our personal and collective potential and discovering how great the feeling of exploring and achieving awesome things is.

Those of you who are here reading this, let us know what you think and if you’d like to discover more, join us. We would be overjoyed to have you with us on this thrilling journey!


The Unchain Gang Team